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Simplified usage and cost tracking (coming soon)

April 22, 2022

We're simplifying your end-of-month costs.

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Changes to the usage and cost breakdowns in your account administration area

In our efforts to improve the accuracy and clarity of data for customers on our usage-based New Relic One pricing model, we're updating your Usage and cost overview to no longer include monthly estimated costs, effective May 9, 2022. We're making this change to avoid confusion in scenarios where estimated costs may differ from actual month-to-date costs, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Your usage and cost data will continue to display user count and gigabytes ingested for the current month. Your monthly invoice provides an accurate single source of truth for monthly costs.

How to view your costs

If you didn't purchase New Relic through a third party and you're authorized to manage billing, you can access your most recent invoices by navigating to Manage your plan under the account administration dropdown. This is your source of truth for billing information.

To read more about this change, see our docs.

Note that you can still calculate and view your estimated month-to-date costs via NRQL queries. For more information, reference our usage query docs.

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